Audio Stands

High-class speaker stands are specially designed structures with an extremely low self-resonance frequency. As a rule, they are quite massive and, moreover, are filled with sand or shots to make them completely indifferent. High-End racks for loudspeakers are not only stands, they effectively suppress all possible vibrations, regardless of the causes of their occurrence. In addition, the high-quality speaker stands prevent vibration of the speakers themselves, thus preventing all the above-described sound distortions. The elimination of vibrations of the acoustic system is achieved thanks to the use of the most effective damping materials in combination with a detailed design calculation.

Bookshelf speakers have a big impact on sound quality when placed on specialized speaker stands. Thanks to good audio stands, the speakers reproduce deeper bass and practically do not change the sound. Therefore, when building a high-quality Hi-End system, special attention should be paid to the optimal position of the components and the height of the audio stands. Anti-vibration supports or spikes for acoustics can significantly improve the sound quality. Hi-End Audio Stands should provide the necessary air exchange for Hi-End components and have a certain bearing capacity. Home theater furniture also provides for the possibility of installing a large screen TV, as well as a center channel column. Due to its considerable dimensions, home theater furniture should also be characterized by a high-quality exterior finish, thanks to which it will fit well into a home interior.

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