CHARIO Constellation Lynx wood speaker stands set of 2 pieces

Solid wood Hi-End audio stands for CHARIO Constellation Lynx.

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    The protective wax coating tightly closes the pores and gives the product a silky finish. Waxed wood breathes and retains all the properties of a natural material.


    Varnishing completely closes access to the wood fibers. After varnishing, the wood still remains a natural material, but it no longer breathes.


The main purpose of the Hi-End stand for acoustics – to improve the sound quality of the equipment.

Wood speaker stands, with a maximum load capacity of 20 kg. It has cone-shaped feet and metal pads that minimize vibrations. The base is made of solid wood. Wood is not only a natural and probably the best interior material, but also an excellent material for absorbing vibrations.

Wood speaker stands CHARIO Constellation Lynx include:

  • Anti-vibration spikes (adjustable spikes ensure precise leveling).
    Protective pads under the spikes (The pads protect the surface from scratching).
    Place to fill the vertical supports with the speaker vibration damping material (optional).
    Felt pads for 4mm speakers (color to choose).

They are designed for high-end audio components and fit the stand mount speakers:

Acoustic Energy, Bowers & Wilkins B&W, Focal Chora, Heco, Kef, Klipsch, Martin Logan, Mission, Canton, Dali, Tannoy, Yamaha, Fyne Audio

Size 280 x 280 x 450-950mm

The price is for a pair (set of 2 pieces)

Are the surfaces made of veneers or is it natural wood?

All our products are made only of solid natural wood. But, on request, it can be made of veneers.

Is the wood secured?

Yes, the wood is oiled with natural oil or beeswax. We only use natural impregnants to give the color.

Wood needs care?

As for various wooden products, special care is not required. However, wooden products must not be kept near heating devices or in wet rooms. If in 2-4 years you think that the glow is not that shiny, you can always treat it with beeswax.

Can I put the audio cables inside the base?

Yes, it is possible when placing an order.

How high are the bases to be?

Audiophiles know that in order to properly adjust the height of the base, you have to sit where you listen to music unusually and measure the height from the floor to your ear. The high-frequency loudspeaker must be at this height from the floor.

Delivery is by courier, safe packaging. Production time 7-21 days

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 90 cm
Natural wood

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