Best wooden handles

Designers use best wooden handles in original furniture designs: in chests of drawers, cabinets, bedside tables.

We would like to draw your attention to our massive, long handles, which we use both on large furniture fronts, and on interior doors and sliding doors. This is in line with fashion trends. Even if the door is made of cold glass, the use of a wooden handle will add warmth and comfort.

Wooden Pull U-7803 toskana ash
Modern wood furniture U-8041 padauk

Wooden furniture handles change the style and add warmth

At first glance, it may seem that this is not such an important element in the interior. But designers know that such a trifle can change the product and emphasize its style. We produce wooden handles for various purposes. The handles for the kitchen cabinets are protected with a special varnish that protects the wood from moisture.

Wooden handles not only change the style of the furniture, but also give it warmth. Very pleasant to touch, especially when the wood is well polished and coated with oil or wax.

Everyone designs furniture and interior, and wants the result to meet the client’s expectations, and the project will be considered original and unique. The architect and the client want originality and a sense of comfort. We can provide this opportunity because we manufacture custom-made wooden components in limited quantities. We are also ready to make handles and other wooden elements according to your sketches and projects.

Selecting the style of best wooden handles for furniture

Wooden furniture handles for kitchen cabinets add an atmosphere of warmth and comfort to your kitchen. The use of wooden handles for furniture in the kitchen set will allow you to create a harmonious combination with modern fronts and a solid wood worktop. Due to the variety of shapes, our furniture handles are very versatile. “Modern” style kitchen handles can be made of such wood as oak, beech, alder in a matt or glossy version. All colors from the RAL palette are available, and even gold and silver. What allows you to choose exactly the model of the handle that would perfectly match the interior elements in the kitchen? For example, for furniture with glossy facades, glossy handles are best suited. The “modern” handle and handrails for the kitchen set can be made in various standard dimensions.

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Modern wood furniture U-8041 oak gold

Size handle

Choosing the dimensions of furniture handles is very simple, just follow a few of our recommendations.

Always choose holders in the dimensions of the standard mount. Later, you will be able to replace it with a different color or simply renew it;
When choosing the length of the handle and the height of its mounting, leave a space that will allow the door to open. This recommendation is important if the door is close to the wall or near other household furniture.
Before you listen to the designer’s advice, imagine how to use such a handle and will you like it or it just pleases the designer ?!

The choice of a protective coating of the handle made of wood

The method of protection is selected depending on the environment of use of the handle.

The color of the handle

The color of the handle is usually chosen in contrast to the surface of the door. Sometimes they choose the same shade or the same color according to the architect’s idea if we do not want to focus on other elements.

Waxing the handle of wood

Natural wax covers the handles that are used no more than several times a day and do not come into contact with moisture. This finish is used to protect and maintain the naturalness of the wood. The waxed wooden handle is breathable and retains all the properties of a natural material.

Oil coating on the wooden handle

The oil coating of the wood also leaves a natural look. The oil penetrates deeper and protects the wood fibers against moisture. The oil protects the wooden handle well against wet hands. In order for the wooden handle to serve in the kitchen for a long time and look like new, you sometimes need to renew the oil coating.

Varnishing a wooden handle

Varnishing completely closes access to the wood fibers. Such a handle can already be used not only next to the sink in the kitchen, but also in a damp room such as a bathroom. Externally, the varnish is almost invisible, there is only a little silkiness, and the shine appears when using a special varnish. But when you touch it you can immediately feel the protection of the wood. After varnishing, the wood still remains a natural material, but it no longer breathes. We have to pay this price to use a wooden handle in wet rooms.

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