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Wooden crutches

We create real wooden cradles
As part of our constant pursuit of perfection, we are proud to present our unique real wooden door handles – solid door handles that not only enhance the aesthetics, but also stand out in any interior. We are guided by the passion for creating extraordinary works combined with professionalism, thanks to which we create Antabas tailored to the individual needs of each client.

Why wooden Antabas?

Antabas are more than just a door handle. It is the harmony between solidity and style, which makes every entrance space unique. Our company focuses on detail, attention to quality and innovative solutions to create massive handles that not only meet expectations, but exceed them.

Why Antaby Artecowood

Warm wood and beautiful texture add aesthetics;
Reliable fastening ensures that the grip connects to the door, even if the door is 3 meters high;
Our antaba will give your home a modern style and prestige;
We have developed over 30 Antab options for entry doors that will help complement your chosen home style.
Antab Design
We design Antabas that are not only aesthetic, but also functional. Not all models are shown on our website. Contact us and we will choose something for you. Trust our experience and make your dreams come true!

Antab production

Every detail will be made with the highest precision. We create massive wooden Antabas that add elegance to any entrance.

Options to Antaba:

handle illumination
built-in bell button
built-in electric lock button
built-in fingerprint reader